No more wanted from STUPID Trudeau and his moronic MP's

A very interesting site following the benefits and results of home schooling. 'unschooling' .

There are some exceptional Pubs, restaurants and other locations that rate as number 1 after a visit. Here are a few:

'The Fish House' The Best Seafood place in the Toronto area plus steaks and pasta. Great bar for oysters,beer, entertainment and conversation. Unfortunately the Fish House closed in Jan 2014 ... boo Ken!

'Dukes Canoe Club - Waikiki' One of the most famous bars/restaurants on the beach in Waikiki. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about it - 'Dukes on Sunday'. Jessie is a great bartender.

'The Lion & Dragon' Great English Pub in Pickering Village (just east of Toronto). Really good menu and 13 beers on tap.

'Gryphon Pub' Unique Pub in Whitby (east of Toronto). Really good menu, daily specials and lotsa beers on tap. Jackie, Sarah, Penny, Kendal and Meaghan - make the bar very interesting ! Many TV's and lots of sports.

The view from Dukes Canoe Club

'Southern Dunes Golf Club' For all who love golfing in Florida.

Formula One in Monaco (plus Paris and Nice).

Don't forget - Save Ontario and Canada from the Liberals and NDP (Natures Disturbed People). They are overtaxing All Citizens and wasting our money all over the world.